What to Expect in 10th Grade


We distribute the PSAT practice guide at the beginning of the school year and advise 10th graders to review it and to take the practice PSAT.


We meet with the 10th graders in early in October to go over test-taking skills and to register them for the PSAT. We give the PSAT during the third week of October of 10th grade.


We meet with them in January to distribute PSAT results, advise them on score result interpretation, and ask them to come see us for additional questions. We also advise them on developing their interests outside of the classroom. We send messages to parents offering to meet with them if they have questions or concerns about the PSAT or about their children.


We meet with 10th grade parents in late February to discuss our program, the college admissions climate, provide advice, and answer questions. We offer to meet with 10th grade parents if they would find it helpful.

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