The Lower School Learning Specialists are dedicated to supporting the learning process when it doesn't proceed as expected. We provide screenings, direct instruction in small groups, individual sessions, as well as consultations with faculty, administrators, and parents in order to help students reach their full academic potential.
Learning Support Services

When a student encounters an academic difficulty, the first resource is the classroom teacher. Then, in some instances, learning specialist services are needed to supplement the classroom teachers' repertoires or to help identify a more significant disorder. If this is the case, some or all of the following steps are taken:

  • Consultation with the French teacher, the English teacher, and the principal, as needed
  • Observation in the classroom(s)
  • Analysis of work samples and report cards
  • Consultation with the parents. 
  • Student Support Team (SST) meeting which includes a plan of action that is structured and documented. The meeting includes teachers, parents, school administrator, and school counselor as needed, as well as any outside professionals contracted by the family.
  • Screening (not a full-evaluation): individual sessions with the student comprised of standardized tests and informal tasks which pinpoint areas of difficulty as well as identify strengths and learning style
  • Act as a general resource: maintain a library of articles, books and games for loan to parents and teachers, provide access to appropriate workshops and presentations
  • SST (Student Support Team) or informal meeting to discuss the results of the screening and/or provide suggestions for in-class and at-home strategies
  • Small group work or individual sessions designed to strengthen areas of need
  • When indicated, provide referrals for further testing or other specialized services (e.g. tutors, educational therapists, occupational therapists, etc.)
  • Regular communication with parents, teachers and outside providers in order to make sure that the strategies put in place are appropriate, then revise as necessary.

Maryanne Cattaneo
Learning Specialist (3-5)
(415) 558-2042

Amelie Dufaut
Learning Specialist (PK-2)

(For learning and attention issues)
(Local resource support)
(AD(H)D resource)
(Parents Education Network)
(Audio books)
(Age and content-appropriate apps)