The learning specialists work with students, parents/guardians and faculty to ensure that each student has a chance to succeed and that all students are empowered to discover how they learn best. Their primary responsibility is to secure accommodations and modifications for students with documented learning differences and to advocate for them as needed. The learning specialists seek to support students who need help with organization, motivation and focus.

Support Strategies

The Learning Specialists can help students:

  • become more active, engaged learners.
  • develop strategies to improve time management, organization and study skills.
  • set explicit timetables for daily assignments and long-term projects.
  • set goals to monitor comprehension and completion of assignment.
  • establish routines at school and at home to improve academic performance.
  • play to their strengths and shore up their weaknesses through development of metacognitive skills.
  • effectively advocate for themselves in different learning settings.

Examples of accommodations at French American may include:

  • Extended time on school and standardized tests
  • Extra breaks during testing
  • A separate, quiet room to take tests
  • The use of calculator during tests
  • The use of a portable word processor or computer during examinations and class lectures
  • Peer tutoring
  • Use of assistive technology software

The learning specialist can also provide families with referrals to qualified and experienced evaluators, psycho-educational therapists, and tutors practicing outside the school setting.

MS Learning Specialists
Mylene Stanziani Fortier

Learning Specialist

Jason Holzheimer
Learning Specialist