Enrichment Classes

Beginning in grade 1, a range of enrichment classes taught in French by specialist teachers punctuate the day: Visual Art, Physical Education, Theater, Library, and Music. Digital technology is integrated into the curriculum.


The art class is taught in French once a week from grades 1 to 5. The aim of artistic education is to encourage students to develop their sensitivity and creative capacities, discover works of art and grasp artistic processes. Children are encouraged to experience a variety of media (instruments, materials, supports), combine elements, attempt to establish associations, improvise, experiment, gather information and create.

The study of fine arts is defined by using simple malleable techniques with various instruments conducted on a variety of materials and supports such as paper, cardboard, canvas, wood, plaster, clay, etc.

Visiting museums and art galleries give students other opportunities to view artistic works.


Music classes use music materials from classical music, world music and folk traditions, especially French and American folk songs and dances. The children are actively involved in singing, in moving and in playing percussion instruments and xylophones.

The Library

Students visit the library once a week (one visit with the French teacher and the next with the English teacher) to develop their interest in books and reading, to develop library and multi-media skills, participate in activities, and take books out. They are encouraged to spend a part of their free time in the library. Fiction and non-fiction books are available as are many periodicals in both French and English. We encourage families to sign out videos, DVD’s, audio cassettes and audio CD’s.

Physical Education

The philosophy of our physical education program is “Everyone Can.” Every child can develop appropriate skills, feel good about his or her body, and relate to others in positive ways. Our comprehensive and articulated physical education program will help children achieve three goals:
  • Movement skills and movement knowledge
  • Self-image and personal development
  • Social development
Within each goal, appropriate disciplines are addressed to support the knowledge, skills and attitudes desired for every student. The three goals are equally important; each interacts continually with the others in our well-planned program.


The lower school French drama program at FAIS emphasizes oral expression. Its purpose is to enable students to express themselves in French outside of a regular classroom setting. The tools used range from theater games to texts taken from children's literature, classic and contemporary. Theater classes are offered to students in 3rd through 5th grades.

Information Technology

Learning computer in the lower school supports the main curriculum. Gradually, through appropriate software, the child learns graphic tools and reinforces themes explored in the classroom. The use of French CD-ROMs, the word as a new entity, typing on a keyboard, as well as the recording of a voice, complements the learning of a second language. Once the first tools are in place, it is time for the child to become more autonomous, in terms of saving documents, accessing folders and processing new functions. Then, exploring the Internet, understanding the way a search engine works and using email become efficient, appropriate tools and are an incredible source of motivation for learning and, of course, learning in French.

French American International School

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An independent Pre-K through 12th grade co-educational day school in the heart of San Francisco. The school delivers a rigorous bilingual (French/English) immersion program through middle school, culminating in either French Baccalaureate or International Baccalaureate program in its International High School.

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