Meet Laurent Scotto di Uccio

Meet Laurent Scotto di Uccio

Country of origin: France
Languages Spoken: French and English
Degree: Professeur des écoles
Grade Taught: Fifth Grade
Joined French American: 2002

Q. What led you to become a teacher?
I will say that it is a combination of different factors: Many of the most important people in my life, who helped me to become who I am, were teachers. It's rewarding to help a student learn how to think critically and develop an understanding of how his/her actions affect others -- traits I believe to be absolutely essential in our complex world. It's a real chance to see children grow, become autonomous and transform into great people!

Q. What drew you to French American / International?
The international community and quality of the teaching experience. I also wanted to share a taste of the French educational system with students.

Q. What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?
To witness every day the excitement of children learning.

Q. Can you describe an in-class exercise/experiment that especially engages students?
I love the classroom discussions that arise from lessons. It's amazing to be surprised by the students -- when they ask questions I may not have thought about, or think about problems in different ways. I use any opportunities in the classroom to challenge students; to put them in a situation where they have to solve a problem that is showing up in front of them.

Q. Can you recall a specific moment when a student taught you something?
Too many to remember... But I am always grateful to a student when he/she can manage to solve a problem in ways I didn't foresee when I was designing the lesson! It reminds me over and over of the wonderful and amazing diverse ways that students manage to develop and learn new things. It keeps you humble...

Q. Is there something you do besides teach, of which you are particularly passionate?
I coach Badminton and Soccer, love to read and tell stories. The coaching experience is something very importnat for me as it allows me to see the students as children in a more holistic way. Seeing a child playing, running, and interacting on a field allows you to have a better understanding of them in the classroom.

Q. What would you tell parents about attending French American?
It's a great educational environment. What an amazing opportunity for your child to not only learn a second language at a very young age, but also get a chance to see the world from a different perspective. It's a long ride from PK3 to 12th grade... but what an exciting and rewarding one!

Q. Beyond language acquisition, what do you see as the key benefits of bilingual immersion?
See above: being able to see and understand the world from a different perspective.

French American International School

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An independent Pre-K through 12th grade co-educational day school in the heart of San Francisco. The school delivers a rigorous bilingual (French/English) immersion program through middle school, culminating in either French Baccalaureate or International Baccalaureate program in its International High School.

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