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Student-Directed One Act Plays (2014 Spring Production)
Posted 02/06/2014 12:00PM

The 2013-2014 Student-Directed Once Act Plays were praised for not only their skillful execution, but for their diversity, humor, and intelligence. It takes a number of talents to successfully deliver the One Acts, including collaboration, communication, and perseverance.

"Theater is not just an individual art form, but a shared, ensemble one, in which a whole team is working together in a gamut of disciplines to create a show for a greater purpose," says Head of Arts Michelle Haner. "This is nowhere more apparent than in the One Acts." She goes on to explain the number of roles students take on to execute the One Acts. There are directors, actors, stage managers, designers, prop masters, costume crew, light and sound board operators, and so on. It takes a lot of roles and a lot of skills to put the plays all together.

"The director for example must inspire, motivate and helm a team as a whole; he or she thus must mobilize a gamut of leadership skills to successfully lead a project from conception to full realization. Even actors in small roles are learning about team-work, discipline and focus; back-stage support team members cultivate organization and communication skills. In this non-academic forum, students rightly develop confidence, shared pride and a great sense of community."

2013-2014 One Act Play Festival Photos

When asked further about how theater can be related to other experiences in life and work, Michelle continues:

"Theater is all about "performance", using your "whole instrument" as effectively as possible. Certainly, this means improving the use of you physical and vocal "instrument" - so having skills to express yourself freely and fully. These are useful tools for any one who needs to speak, present or "perform" in a gamut of arenas (whether that is ultimately in a classroom, a board room or on the floor of the Senate!). Regardless of one's profession, making optimal use of our "instrument' is essential and all the skills learned in theater can be used in other areas. Think of all the inspiring and important world leaders who are literally great "performers", masters of their instruments, able to captivate an audience and hereby inspire others to feel, think and act!
Moreover, theater also requires working on more ephemeral, but vital skills, needed to perform : dealing with nervousness in high-pressure situations, cultivating focus and relaxation, being fully present - "in the now". Other qualities that are cultivated include creativity, imagination, observation, humility and most importantly, great human empathy, as one "steps into the shoes of another". Obviously, these are all skills that can transfer to a gamut of disciplines and moreover, enrich our lives simply as thoughtful, well-rounded beings who are connected to a greater human story."

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