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Student-Directed One Act Plays (2016 Spring Production)
Posted 03/14/2016 11:22AM

Over the course of two months, five International High School seniors were overseeing rehearsals and working with design teams to prepare their one act plays. Students were also overseeing costume design for these plays and helping with sets, props, sound and lights, making this a true showcase of student creativity and initiative. The February 2016 productions included satirical comedy, theater of the absurd, American naturalism and film-noir inspired mystery.


Infant Morality
 by Craig Pospisil, directed by Robin Fierberg 

When Trish, a young nurse working the day shift at a hospital, is confronted by a stubborn couple wishing to return their newborn infant to the hospital, she must attempt to find a moral solution to the absurd problem at hand. Infant Morality will have you laughing, crying and even shaking with rage by the time the curtain closes.

Sorry, Wrong Number
 by Lucille Fletcher, directed by Ishan McCarthy

We have all overheard things that were not meant for our ears.  In "Sorry, Wrong number," an older woman overhears an extremely important and terrifying phone call, and quickly finds out how unhelpful the police can be in this murder mystery discovered over the telephone.

The Green Hill
 by David Ives, directed by Louisa Baldi

The Green Hill tells the story of a young man, Jake, in search of his “green hill.” Jake’s girlfriend Sandy is convinced the hill is a figment of his imagination and that no such hill exists. Jake is somewhat discouraged until he comes across his hill in a poster and his journey to find his hill soon begins...

Hello from Bertha
 by Tennesse Williams, directed by Hannah Johnson

In this dark, poetic work by one of the greatest American playwrights of the past century, Bertha, a young prostitute living in a brothel, is deteriorating mentally and refuses to accept help. The play draws us into Bertha’s world of sadness, emptiness, and ultimately, of insanity as this broken girl tries to contact an old lover who remains ambiguous throughout.

Variations on the Death of Trotsky
 by David Ives, directed by Ian Burke

August 21st, 1940 - Leon Trotsky is killed by a climbing axe smashed into his skull. Watch this Major Historical Figure experience his death over and over again as he tries to cope with his mortality with the help his wife and his murderer.

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