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Romeo & Juliet (2012 Fall Musical)
Posted 11/21/2012 07:00AM

A Sonnet for Romeo and Juliet

If I could take the time to say to thee

Our choice of Romeo and Juliet

An unexpected choice from us do we

Thrive on, for that's what most come to expect

So trust that when we doth perform Shakespeare

Invested be our hearts and very souls.

His poetry we hold onto most dear.

Through which, in us, the bard does still control

Fear not, howe'er, for this is I.H.S.

Where non- traditional can be our form.

Our toils, we hope, will more than mere impress.

But touch your heart and of this world inform.

With patient ears from you we shall assuage

Come! See the two hours traffic of OUR stage.

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