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Coach Hansen's involvement in competitive running followed a somewhat unorthodox path: although she played basketball throughout elementary school, high school sports didn't much interest her and she graduated from Clovis High School in 2001 having never run more than a mile at a time. Once in college, Karin decided on a whim to try out for the track team and never looked back. Hansen credits strong personal drive and supportive coaching with her collegiate and post-collegiate successes, which include a Coach's Award, a 4:45 1500 best, and three international Corporate Challenge Championships.

Karin describes her coaching demeanor as thoughtful, encouraging and extremely detail-oriented. Students can expect her to be honest and hardworking; she believes that coaches as well as athletes should never stop trying to better themselves. Of her coaching philosophy, Hansen says:

"In order to succeed, you have to dream big. You have to nurture within yourself a positive feedback loop that dispels doubts and transforms criticism into motivation. But it's not enough to turn that on at the end of a race; the will to win must be ever-present in an athlete's mind. Long before the championship meet or even the first day of practice, the truly great runner prepares for his or her moment of glory in the most mundane of ways: by training consistently even when no one is watching. I feel strongly that competitive running is about the closest you can get to a real meritocracy, in sports or in life. This sport gives back what an athlete puts into it; and when you see someone succeed in running, you are witnessing true grit."

In her free time, Coach Karin enjoys cooking, eating, trail running and unearthing house and techno gems from past, present and future.


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