HS-V Badminton

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Originally from Lyon, France, Coach Laurent started playing badminton as a teenager and followed up in college and in clubs prior coming to the USA. When the school started the program, he proposed his expertise and worked with the Head coach.

This will be his 8th year coaching badminton at IHS, and it is always a pleasure to witness first-hand the growth of Jaguar student-athletes!

Coach says, "In addition, being a full time lower school teacher at the school allows me to continue to interact with the student-athletes years after I met them in classes, and it's always a pleasure to meet them again as teenagers!"

HEAD COACH: Julien Dourlen

Coach Julien started playing Badminton in high school, first in Physical Education then within a club team. In college, he learned how to teach and coach badminton among other sports and kept playing badminton for fun with friends. 

Julien expects from his athlete to communicate and be honest with him throughout the season, he believes that trust is the first value coaches and athletes need within their team. During his career as an educator in Taekwondo and Badminton, Coach Julien has always rewarded hard work and dedication during practice. He believes that success in games start with difficult practices. 
In his free time Julien spends time rock climbing, cooking a lot for family and friends, and is currently trying to become a children's book illustrator.


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An independent Pre-K through 12th grade co-educational day school in the heart of San Francisco. The school delivers a rigorous bilingual (French/English) immersion program through middle school, culminating in either French Baccalaureate or International Baccalaureate program in its International High School.

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